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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

That Thing You Do!

No.  This is not a review or reaction, despite the fact that's all I've been talking about in the last three posts!  =P

This is just me sharing a song that's currently stuck inside my head - That Thing You Do!

But wait... a song stuck inside my head?  Shouldn't this be in my music blog instead, then?  

Well, yes.  I thought of that.  But then, I wasn't planning on saying anything about what the song means, nor include the lyrics of the song.  Besides, my music blog needs updating.  There's still so much clutter there at the moment.  =P

So I thought perhaps, it would be better in my random blog or my info blog (even though, they also need updating).  After all, it is quite random, isn't it?  I just found out from somewhere that there is such a thing as a One-Hit Wonder Day, which was supposedly last September 25, 2016. (Interesting info!)  And that was what reminded me of this song and that movie.

Movie!  That's it.  This isn't just any regular song.  It's a song supposedly written and performed by a fictional band in a movie!  So, this post will be comfortable enough in this book and movie blog.  It'll feel right at home.  =D

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