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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Walking Dead S07E15 Something They Need

First, a few words of introduction...

I don't do these things all the time, but I have done them before... recap/reaction posts on TV shows.  In fact, for this show in particular - The Walking Dead, I was pretty consistent in making these types of posts for half of the episodes of season 6.  They are in my LiveJournal.  Maybe I'll link to them one of these days, or maybe even copy them here.  We'll see.  =)  But for now, I've decided to post any new ones here instead.  This is precisely what Leaves and Frames was meant for anyway.  

I also want to note that I have only recently (meaning, the past 2-3 days) been binge-watching this 7th season.  I was (pretending to be) busy doing other things so wasn't able to watch them week after week.  For now, though, I'll just focus on the latest episode.  =)

So, without further ado...

***SPOILER WARNING: This is all about the TV show The Walking Dead, season 7 episode 15.  Proceed at your own risk.  You have been warned.  ;)

Ha! Well, I knew after The Scavengers (that creepy group of people that makes me somehow think they are escapees from an insane asylum somewhere...) said the guns weren't enough, that Tara would have to tell Rick about the group of ladies and their guns near the ocean, even though she made a promise to that girl, Cyndie...

One thing that I find puzzling, though... why on earth is Michonne climbing up a tree to take sniper position?  I know she's been practicing but... isn't she still terrible (maybe that's too harsh... *whistles innocently*) at it?  I had this thought that Father Gabriel was a pretty good shot, so why isn't he on top of a tree?  Then again, maybe I'm wrong and I'm just mistaking Father Gabriel with... Brother Gilbert of Dragonheart... hmm...  Anyway, moving on.  =P
Oh, wait... Sasha is the resident sniper of the group.  Does Michonne taking up sniper duty mean Sasha will be gone soon?  Hope not... I certainly prefer Michonne on the katana, and Sasha as sniper.  ;)

Speaking of Sasha, she was caught!  Well, what do you expect?  Going into Negan's compound alone... At least, she's still alive.  I guess...

It's interesting to see that Negan has that stand against rape.  I suppose he's all about... consent, huh?  I mean, all of his wives probably said 'yes', right?  Even though most of them probably said 'yes' against their will, but it was a 'yes' nonetheless.  But how much of a consent would that be if the alternatives were, say, the death of your husband or boyfriend, or your mother not getting her meds...

'We are not monsters', Negan said.  What makes one a monster, anyway?

(But I just have to say... Negan is soooo... bad in a very awesome way.  xD  Jeffrey Dean Morgan is the man!)

I don't think this is over, though.  I mean, Sasha (and Rosita) killed at least 2 men going into the compound.  So, surely Negan is going to demand for something in exchange.  Meaning, he'll want maybe 2 from Sasha's people dead, even before he finds out about the brewing revolt.  Remember, when Carl killed some of his men, he went back to Alexandria, and Spencer and Olivia died.  So even though Negan's saying he wants Sasha on board, that doesn't mean he won't want others to die in place of the people he lost.  (Or at the very least, have some limbs hacked off, maybe?)

I can certainly understand Eugene.  I think he's being a little too hard on himself saying that he was just being completely delusional about being brave.  This is partly Rosita's fault.  She has been treating him very badly, saying he's a coward, even though he's shown he can step up (from the herd in Alexandria, to the ride into the sunset Eugene mentioned), and he allowed that to get into his head.  But in truth, I'm sure everyone got scared and pissed into their pants on that night, not just Eugene.  Hell, even Rick crumbled in the end.  So, Rosita was being a bit unfair to Eugene, IMO, though I understand, too, that she was just too angry about what happened to Abraham.

But now that Eugene is in this place, and people seem to 'respect' him and sees that he can be useful in some way despite his other shortcomings, he wants to stay.  But I'm not completely giving up hope on him yet.  He knows that Negan's methods are... sick (I mean this in a very negative way), and he's just trying to ride it out now in order to survive.  But I think if/when the time comes when he will be forced to choose between Negan and his old friends, he will choose to do the right thing.  (Btw, Rosita was treating Father Gabriel in a similarly bad way recently, and she turned out to be wrong about him.  Maybe she's wrong about Eugene, too.)

In any case, a little stumble there on Eugene's part when he told Sasha that he (Abraham) would want her to take Negan's offer.  (Of course, he wouldn't!  =P )  Good thing, he retracted it soon after, but I think it was enough to make Sasha angry and lose all hope in him.

And then there's Gregory.  Now that... is a coward.  =P  I'm actually surprised he didn't give Maggie and Daryl up to Simon when his group came by to pick up Dr. Carson.  But again, I'm really someone who wants to give everyone a chance so... hehehe... maybe Gregory can still do what's right?  =P

He has been teetering on the fence, basically. That he tried to give up Maggie and Sasha before (hallway closet) - bad. That he eventually let them stay - ok. That he talked on the side to Simon regarding potential problems about power changing hands in Alexandria - not very good.  That he stopped short of actually naming names - not bad. That he thought of stabbing Maggie here - very bad. That he stopped himself - good. That he now seems intent to go talk to Simon again - not good.

That he's asked his... assistant(?) to drive him somewhere (to Simon, apparently) is on the bad side, for sure.  But maybe it doesn't have to end there?  Could he teeter once more towards the good side and decide not to go talk to Simon, but instead give Jesus/Maggie/Rick's group Simon's address?  So they can maybe cross that outpost (if it's an outpost) out of their to do list?  ;)

Anyway, in the meantime, Tara and group do their thing and manage to show the ladies of Oceanside (except Grandma Natania) that they mean well.  They get the guns, but not the help.  Am still hoping that when the time comes, at least some of them will be able to join the fight.

Sasha kills zombified rapey Davey and tells Negan that she'll join him.  But Negan doesn't give Sasha the knife and tells her that she has a ways to go - baby steps.  I wonder who the little birdie is who told Negan that Rick and co. is up to no good?  Is someone in Alexandria snitching?  (I sure hope it's not... Eric... ).  In any case, Negan tells Sasha that he's going to have her help...

Sasha convinces Eugene that she wants to kill herself and begs him to give her a gun, knife, glass... but her plan backfires when Eugene gives her one of the pills he made, instead of something she can use against Negan.  =P  Something interesting though - Eugene gave her one pill, when he made two.  I think maybe he's keeping one for himself... if things get desperate...

And finally, Rick and co. reaches home to find Rosita there... and Dwight in Morgan's jail cell!  Does Dwight really want to help?  I think yes.  I'm just wondering what Rick has in mind when he told him to get down on his knees.  =P

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