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Wednesday, August 9, 2017


  • Though I am not Jon Snow... I know nothing.
  • And if I do know something, there are surely other people out there who know more than I do.
Still, I believe that I have a right to say what's on my mind, whether it be on YouTube comments, or Facebook, or whatever other social media out there.  And especially so if I am writing it here, on my own blog.

I am making this disclaimer because I've seen many people out there who seem to revel in putting other people down.  Just a little mistake and they call you names.  You forget a detail from past seasons and they say you're not a true fan.  You are not familiar with military weapons of Ancient Rome, and they say, 'you're not very clever, are you?'

This rarely happens to me.  I don't remember being called names before, and I don't think I've been accused of not being a fan.  Mostly because I'm usually careful about the things I write and make sure they are accurate (names, places; if I refer to scenes from previous episodes/seasons, I try to rewatch them first, etc.).  

The last thing happened to me, though.  I didn't realize that when watching a TV show, I should be knowledgeable about military weapons of Ancient Rome.  And since I'm not, the conclusion must be that I'm not very clever?  Right.  Now I feel so bad that we didn't cover Ancient Roman weapons in my (science) college course...

I have, for a while, tried to avoid calling myself a fan, so as not to offend other fans whose standards I might not live up to.  I'm just a follower of shows and books.  If I make the mistake of calling myself a fan, I assure you, there are lots of bigger fans out there than me.

So please, if you lose your way into my blogs somehow, and you feel I'm not up to your standards, feel free to move on to other better places.  Criticism is fine.  Sharing your knowledge with me when you see that there are things I don't know is appreciated.  But please, there's no need to call me names or put me down.

Thank you.

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