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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Walking Dead Season 7 Finale (S07E16) - The First Day of the Rest of Your Life

***SPOILER WARNING: This is all about the TV show The Walking Dead, season 7 finale (episode 16).  You'll have to watch it first before proceeding.  This most definitely contains spoilers.  You have been warned.  ;)  Besides, my rambling might not make sense to you otherwise.  =P   

Just want to say first... I needed to watch this episode at least twice before I accepted it.  =P  

Anyway, on to it!

Ah, crap.  Trojan horse!  >.<  

Well, at the very least, I'm glad I was wrong about Eric.  I thought he might be Negan's little birdie but it turned out to be Jadis and her creepy group of insane asylum escapees.  =\ 

I thought it might be them, too.  But I held on to the hope that it wasn't them.  Because I thought if it WAS them, then all the group's efforts will be for nothing because they pretty much gave most of the guns to the creeps.  But oh well... 

I can understand a little how Rick was fooled.  He was a bit desperate when he met these people, after being denied help by The Kingdom.  When he first saw them, his smile showed that his foremost thought was only that these people will give them the numbers they need to go against Negan, and he was pretty much blinded after that.  Nevermind that these people had the questionable principle of "we take, we don't bother".

I never really trusted them.  I would trust the people of Alexandria, the people of Hilltop, The Kingdom, but not the Scavengers.  I would trust the people of Oceanside before them.  Heck, I would trust Eugene and Dwight!  But not the Scavengers.  They really creep me out.  But I hoped, I hoped, I certainly hoped...  

Before this episode, I watched some video on YouTube that pointed out that the Saviors have this way of forming a circle around their would-be victims... encircled the group when they first caught them as they carried Maggie, encircled Daryl when he first tried to escape...  Then I thought of how the Scavengers encircled the group when they first brought them into their garbage dump.  Could they possibly be some weird kind of Savior group?  But I thought no... no... they seem much too lazy (we take, we don't bother) to be Saviors.  Saviors work their asses off.  And what would the Saviors want from the Scavengers?  Again, they seem much too lazy to provide for the Saviors.  So they couldn't be working together, could they?  I hoped... I hoped...  But oh well.  *sigh*

Again, at least I was wrong about Eric.  This way, Oceanside is still safe, and they could still play a role in the future.        

As for Sasha, this is the one thing I had the most difficulty accepting.  But I'm slowly getting there, I guess.  A couple more rewatches, maybe, and I'll be convinced that what she did really gave the group a fighting chance.  Well, at the very least, it provided a distraction... 

I'm sad that I was right about one thing - that the show is introducing potential replacements for our resident sniper, Sasha (Michonne has been practicing, and Cyndie of Oceanside is an extremely good shot), made me think she might be gone soon.  =/ 

I still question whether what she did was wise.  I mean... if she hoped to bite Negan when he opened the coffin, well... that didn't work as planned - Negan got away.  And you can't control what you'll do once you're a walker.  What if Negan made one of her friends open the coffin themselves?  What if she bit her friends instead?  

I guess she just thought that, since Eugene didn't give her a weapon she can use against Negan (a gun, a knife, a razor blade, a piece of glass), then the only weapon she had left was herself... as a walker.  =\  And Abraham did say, if you're going to kick it, there should be a point to it.  So kill herself instead of staying alive but working for Negan, kill herself instead of staying alive and being used against her friends... but kill herself in such a way that there's that one small chance she'll take Negan down with her.  

Still, how much of a fighting chance did she think she'll give her friends?  A lot of things could still have gone wrong.  And there were things that happened out of sheer luck.  She couldn't have predicted any of that.  It was a big risk that could easily have gone the other way.  

But yes, yes, fine.  She did provide a distraction.  *chuckle*  I find it funny the times Negan jumped in surprise - when Father Gabriel suddenly spoke up some episodes ago (when he asked if Negan wanted to see Maggie's grave), when Negan opened the coffin this episode, when the tiger appeared out of nowhere.  Hehe.  Negan does get surprised.  He is human!  It is possible to sneak up on him.  I am glad.  =)  Rick can win this.  ;)   

In any case, I am also glad that this was the means Sasha had of going out - by pill.  I'm sure no one does autopsies in the zombie apocalypse so there would be no way to know that she died by poisoning herself. Eugene's theory of her running out of air because the tarp on the coffin sealed it good may seem plausible, drawing the suspicion away from him.  If she used a knife or gun, it would be obvious how she died, and who else could possibly have given the weapons to her?  

Speaking of Eugene, I still have hope for him.  Though Rick and group inadvertently give more things for Negan to point out to Eugene that might make him feel he really doesn't belong to Rick's group anymore (they just tried to blow him up along with the Saviors), I still have hope that Eugene still won't completely feel like he belongs to Negan's either.  After all, even though Negan doesn't have any proof yet that Eugene had anything to do with what happened to Sasha, he does seem like he has some suspicion.  And this might eventually drive Eugene to do what's right.  (But in the meantime, let's hope no one thinks to search Gremblygunk for any hidden pills, even if someone decides to search Eugene's room sometime after this,  =P )  Sasha did say she's not giving up on him, and neither am I.  Thank you, Sasha, for saying those words.  They were certainly better than the words Rosita had for Eugene... =\  I hope he remembers Sasha's words when the time comes.

Dwight had a good plan.  (For the record, yes, I do believe he's telling the truth.)  And he did do his part and brought some trees down on the road to delay Negan.  But I guess he didn't know about Negan's little birdie, or at least not until after he got back from Alexandria.  I'm expecting we'll see more of his little carvings in the future... seems to be the way he'll be leaving messages for Daryl and friends.  

As implied in the beginning, I didn't like this episode much on first watch, mostly because of the uncertainties of Sasha's suicide plan... but I did like the ending - it was beautiful, particularly Maggie's speech.  "The decision was made a long time ago... ... ..."  And I remember, "Hey, you. Dumbass!"  *cries*  
I also love that scene in the end with Carol and Morgan on the steps in Alexandria.  I'm happy that they reached the point where they are now, after all that time of being at odds with each other.  I believe they can help each other.  Ezekiel can help them, too.  
Also, the thing I love about this season 7, in general... Glenn and Abraham may have died in the first episode, but I felt their presence all throughout.  *sobs*  

One final thing, though.  I do believe the Scavengers made a tactical error double-crossing Rick.  They will be the first to fall.  

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