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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Some notes ('some' means a whole lot) plus Reign.

First off, just wanted to note that I checked the schedules of the TV shows I follow, (or should I say the TV shows I supposedly follow  =P because I mostly watch them on marathon and only rarely able to watch them weekly), and found out that, more or less, this is where I stand now:

  • The Walking Dead will be coming back sometime in October 2017.  I am updated.
  • Game of Thrones will be coming back in July 2017.  I am updated. 
  • Fear The Walking Dead will be coming back in June 2017.  I am updated.
  • Supernatural is still ongoing but I have a lot to catch up on.
  • Once Upon A Time is still ongoing but I have a lot to catch up on, too.
  • Reign is also still ongoing but I have a lot to catch up on, plus this is supposedly their last season.
I have therefore decided to catch up on Reign first because the series is coming to an end.  =P  
Also, I haven't actually watched this series properly so, not only am I going to catch up on it, I am restarting it.  

Reign is actually different from all other shows I listed above in the sense of how I found it.  All the others are connected in some way.  I've mentioned this elsewhere before but the story of how I found all these shows goes something like this:

I would say it all started with the show Stargate: SG-1.  First off, I love 'star' things.  =P  I love the Star Wars movies, we used to watch this show called Starman when I was young, I followed some (just some) Star Trek series at some point, and I love the Stargate movie.  So, when I was lucky enough to come across the first episodes of Stargate: SG-1 on television (way back when), I stopped changing channels and watched.  =P  That it starred Richard Dean Anderson (MacGyver!!!) was also a plus.  ;)  Sadly, we stopped our cable subscription sometime around the second season and I lost track of the show.  Real life intervened and years passed until... 

Thank heavens for the internet!  =P  When I found out that I can find TV shows on the internet to watch, one of the first things I looked for (or probably THE first show I looked for) is Stargate: SG-1.  10 seasons of it!  =D  My favorites were the seasons with RDA, of course.  =)  And then I watched Stargate: Atlantis, which I also loved, and Stargate: Universe, which was ok, I suppose.  =P  The last is not my favorite but it was getting interesting when it got cancelled.  

From there, I went to look for something else to watch - I followed Robert Carlyle into Once Upon A time.  =P  When I got caught up with it, the next arc was supposed to involve Peter Pan.  I ended up reading on Peter Pan, and even went so far as reading up on J. M. Barrie.  =P  Since I was caught up and have to wait a while before the next episodes come out, I decided to look for some other TV show to watch.  I scrolled down to the bottom of the webpage I was reading - some page about Peter Pan on the show - and saw a link to Supernatural.  

Horror isn't really my thing, and Supernatural was described as a horror series, so I didn't expect that I would get hooked.  (But come to think of it, I loved The X-Files...)  Anyway, the first episode was enough to get me to watch the next and the next and the next...  I just had to make sure that if the guide said the monster of the week was a vengeful spirit, I would wait for daylight to watch the episode.  xD  (I think I've learned to watch any episode at any time of the day now, but in the beginning, that was what I did.  =P )

From there, I found fandoms!  Well, I've been in a fandom previously, I would say - Harry Potter (books & movies), but for TV shows, this is probably the first time I ventured into interacting with other viewers (just on the net).  That's where I found The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, as there were many people recommending those shows and I decided to check them out.  =)  

And that's the story!  Basically, one thing led to another and another and another...  

But Reign is different.  I can't remember exactly what I was doing.  Maybe I was searching for something on Google or watching some random thing on YouTube... but I found out that Jonathan Crombie was dead.  I love Anne of Green Gables, and I watched that TV series back when I was in... high school, I think.  Anyway, Jonathan Crombie, who played Gilbert Blythe, was dead!  Sad...  =(  A few more searches on Google led me to the fact that Megan Follows, who played Anne Shirley, is now involved with a TV series called Reign.  So I decided to check it out.  =)

At that time, I just looked for episodes on YouTube so I must have missed a few scenes or even whole episodes.  This is what I meant when I said earlier that I haven't actually watched this series properly.  =P  So now, I'm going to watch it properly... by way of marathon!  Haha.  xD  

I must say that I know it's supposed to be about Mary, Queen of Scots, who was a real person.  But I don't really know anything about those people as I am from the other side of the world and World History wasn't really my strongest subject back when I was in school.  =P  So, I'm just going to watch the show and follow the story like any other fictional work.  It's probably a good idea anyway, since I think I read somewhere before that they are not actually trying to make the show accurate (historically, I mean).  

Anyway, I finished re-watching the first episode just now and it is interesting.  =)  I'm not going to go into a detailed review or anything.  Nor will I do so for each episode I will watch since I am binge-watching this.  I will say, however, that for this first episode, the modern music in the background (which played in the scene where the friends were dancing in the wedding party) seemed a little out of place.  =P  But I loved the other music, (which weren't as obviously modern as that), particularly the one that turns out to be called Charlie Boy (without the lyrics).  That was nice.  =)  

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