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Monday, June 19, 2017

Fear The Walking Dead season 3...

I realized a little late that season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead has already started so I ended up watching the first 3 episodes one after the other in one day.  Then I was going to write a little bit about it (just a little, not too much) - am not really an avid follower of FTWD because I didn't really enjoy the first 2 seasons as much as The Walking Dead.  But now I realize again... it's been one week since!  So while I'm waiting for the 4th episode to load in the other window, let me just quickly write the few things I wanted to say last week...

[ehm... SPOILERS!!!]

It looks to me that this 3rd season is starting off quite well.  These first (3) episodes have gotten me interested in what's going to happen to these core characters, the ranch, whoever shot the helicopter down, etc.  Of course, there is that one thing that I'm still in denial about at this time - that death (Travis).  Though I don't watch Talking Dead, I've seen videos saying this was confirmed that he is dead (shot through the groin).  But somehow, except for that major wound (apparently abdominal) in one camera shot, I find myself looking for signs (something like that) that maybe this is a dumpster situation.  (Yeah, yeah, probably not, but anyway...)  I might mention those signs later, but I am most likely just grasping at straws.

Now, to watch episode 4.  Back later...




Ok!  I'm back after watching episode 4.  =)

A little hard to watch because I had to rewind a lot so I can go back to read any subtitles I missed.  =P  But it's okay.  =)

Interesting.  =)

In the final scenes, I was willing Daniel to push Dante and his men over the rails instead of the Daniel's (former) fellow janitor.  Feel bad for him that he died.  =(  No love for minor characters...   =(  Hehehe.  xD

So I guess they (Daniel, Strand, and company) will now take over the dam?  Nice.

Going back to the scenes before Daniel sneaked out on Efrain, when he was telling Daniel the good news and bad news (the good news is there's nobody left in this world to judge you, then Efrain fell asleep before being able to say the bad news), I guess the bad news is that there's no one left in this world to forgive you?  And so in the end, Daniel chose to save Lola, etc., and asked for forgiveness.

Ok. That's it for now.

Just to quickly go back to those signs I mentioned regarding Travis's dumpster situation.  The big abdominal(?) wound is problematic.  But...
(a) the neck wound could possibly be not as serious as it looks.
(b) How high were they?  I can't tell.  The helicopter was already going down (lower) at that point.  Is it possible to survive a fall that high?
People they throw from that height on the dam (how is that height comparable to the height of the helicopter?) don't necessarily die immediately from the fall, though they would certainly suffer from broken bones at least, probably will not be able to stand anymore.
(c) The people who shot at the helicopter are somewhere down in that area. Could they have seen Travis?  Found him?  Caught him somehow?  (Not necessarily on purpose, but say, caught accidentally by their tents and things like that.)  Would they have helped him?
(d) Where is Ofelia?  

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