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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Game of Thrones season 7 episode 3 The Queen's Justice

Note: I'm starting with episode 3 of the current season because it is the latest episode.  =P  As mentioned in the last post, I intended to write review/reactions for the episodes this season but so far have failed.  =(  So for now, I'll focus on this latest episode.  =)
(I might mention some of my thoughts on the first 2 episodes here, but I will probably go back and write more in depth posts for them later.  I might even go further back and write about the previous seasons as well, but those will come much later, probably during the breaks.)

First, the obligatory... ***SPOILER WARNING: This is all about the TV show Game of Thrones, season 7 episode 3.  Proceed at your own risk.  You have been warned.  ;)

My predictions for this episode consisted mainly of what I hoped would happen in Winterfell.  I thought Littlefinger would try to influence Sansa, she would try to resist him, Brienne would be there, then Bran and Arya would arrive and basically save her from Littlefinger.  Hahaha.  xD  Needless to say, very little of my predictions came true.  =P  Bran did arrive though so... yay!  =D

After watching once, and then a second time, my foremost thought is this:  I was afraid that Jamie would run a sword through Lady Olenna when she told him it was her who had Joffrey killed, but he didn't.  I'm not sure if he felt angry at that revelation, or to whom he might be angry at.  But one thing is for sure - Jamie now knows that it wasn't Tyrion at all.  =)

You have to hand it to Cersei and Jamie (and Euron and the Tarlys, who, by the way, made a choice to go with the Lannisters and against their liege lords, the Tyrells - I guess his racism weighed more than his honor).  They came out on top in this episode's battle of who gets to one-up the other!  =P  Just when you thought Tyrion would be able to outsmart the Lannisters because of his knowledge of the sewer system of Casterly Rock, they end up outsmarting him by moving the majority of their army to take Highgarden.  I feel slightly bad for the Lannister soldiers who were left behind.  They were basically left there to get slaughtered.

Anyway, I guess Daenerys will now be forced to use her dragons (and the Dothraki).  It's a noble thing not to want to be queen of ashes, to want to win while trying to prevent the loss of innocent lives, but I guess in this case, that's becoming more and more unlikely.  Lady Olenna was right after all - she has to be a dragon.

Another ironic thing is that Littlefinger's advice sounds better now than it did in the trailer.  I don't like Littlefinger, and when I first heard those lines it sounded more to me like the advice of the devil on Sansa's shoulder - telling her to basically fight everyone, be a lone wolf.  But he has a point.  It is ultimately better to prepare for battle on all fronts, rather than just concentrating on the one you think is more important and neglecting the other(s).  (Besides, she doesn't have to be a lone wolf and still follow that advice.)

Sansa seems to be doing well at the helm in Winterfell while Jon is gone, and I'm glad that it doesn't seem Littlefinger is undermining Jon in Sansa's eyes.  For now, at least.

Bran is back!  =D  I still think I was right in thinking that Sansa doesn't really want to be in charge.  (I'll go into this more when I go back to write about the first 2 episodes.)  She seemed happy and relieved when she told Bran that he's Lord of Winterfell.  In any case, it's an eye-opener, seeing Bran like that.  He looked dazed.  I'm pretty sure most thought that all problems will be solved (well... not really =P ), most questions will be answered once Bran comes back.  He knows everything!  But I guess it must be difficult being in his position.  It must be overwhelming seeing everything.  And we now know that he doesn't really see everything in a very clear fashion.  He sees in pieces and fragments.  So perhaps some things he still needs to figure out to understand.  It must not just be overwhelming but frustrating as well.

Speaking of frustrating, I expected as much that Daenerys will not believe Jon about the White Walkers when he tells her.  It wasn't an easy task convincing the people of the North.  The rest of Westeros doesn't even know or believe.  How much more Daenerys who just arrived?
At the same time, I expected that Jon wouldn't take too well the order to bend the knee.  And even though he doesn't care about the Iron Throne, he also would not think it a good idea to set aside preparations against the Night King, in deference to Tyrion's request that the North help them first against Cersei.
Still, it seems good enough for now that Jon and Daenerys don't seem to be totally against each other.  In fact, they have so much in common with each other, and I'm pretty sure they see that.

One question though.  Why is it such a secret that Jon died and came back to life?  Daenerys is openly declared as The Unburnt.  =P

Anyway, before I go back to Cersei, I'll touch quickly on the minor things in this episode:
- It's a good thing that Davos doesn't seem to be bitter about his son's death.  I thought there would be an awkward pause when he and Tyrion formally met and the Battle of Blackwater Bay was mentioned.
- Varys was very good last episode.  He seemed to be very transparent then.  But this episode reminds us that there's still something about him that remains hidden.  What did the red priestess mean before?  What does Melisandre mean now?
- Poor Theon.
- Sam's going to find something in the old manuscripts and scrolls!!!

And finally, Cersei...
Knew she would only 'give in' to Euron's wishes 'when the war is won'.  Continue dangling that carrot in front of the donkey.  =P
As for the Queen's justice... when they captured Ellaria and her daughter to be brought to Cersei, I thought she might do something similar to what The Mad King did to Rickard Stark and his son Brandon, but the poisoned kiss was the perfect revenge.

Now I'm finally ready to watch reaction videos.  =P

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